What To Expect On Your First Cleaning Appointment

At your initial hygiene visit, in our office, we will be taking a full series of digital xrays or a panorex. If you have X-rays less than 5 years old (full set or panoramic) or bitewings less than 1 year old your former dentist can email your films to us at ginsberg235@verizon.net.  If not, we ask that you bring them or send them to us. It is important that we have the proper information so that we can accurately assess your dental profile.

In addition to xrays we will be performing a full and detailed periodontal charting that will enable us to understand your overall oral health. If you have prior charting, we would appreciate it if you would provide these to use for comparison.

Next, we will evaluate the results of your periodontal chart and x-rays and perform a thorough examination, including an oral cancer screening.

With all this information our team can determine the course of treatment that best fits your dental needs.

For some patients a regular dental prophylaxis (cleaning) will be performed at this time. For other patients, a different course of periodontal treatment may be required. If you need more extensive treatment we will discuss the reasons and schedule the appropriate appointments.

Your questions and concerns are very important to us. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you do not understand our recommendations for your course of treatment. The most important service that we can give you is providing you with the information that you need to make the best choices for your dental health.

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